Blarghing – The Blarghe’s has a console!

A couple days ago, we were given a free hand-me-down PS3, woooo.

Apparently, my son had been allowed to watch his slightly older friends play various Call of Duty games on their PS3, so he pesters the hell out of us for Call of Duty anything (he had no idea which games, other than “zombies”)

Ended up with CoD MW2, CoD Black Ops 2, and GT5 (buy 2, get 1 free used sale).

BO2 has a great local multiplayer, with “graphic content” turned off. It’s basically like playing quake or counter-strike, just better looking. No gore, or swearing, or adult themes/content. Shoot bad guys, don’t shoot Daddy. 🙂

He likes playing vs more bad guys, and already has favorite guns/camp spots, lol.

Bots:2 friendly
Bots:7 enemy

Team deathmatch. Good fun, just turn the volume down a bit if you’re TV is in the living room. Ratta-tatta-tatta….

The best part, is it’s a SUPREME motivator for him to actually do other things, like reading, and going over sight words, and playing outside, and legos…etc. Pretty sure, we’ll end up with some kind of ratio based reward system, lol. Ex:

20min reading/homework/sight words/writing: 30min CoD
25min playing with toys/sister: 30min CoD
30min outside/playing with friends: 30min CoD

…what have I done. At least he is well aware that it’s just make-believe, just like the movies he’s seen, and the outside/inside/active games he plays with friends (non-videogame). I describe it like his play games with friends just on the TV.

Anyway, if you got this far, The Blarghe’s are stoked to be only 4 or 5 years behind now, instead of 10+ with the PS2. I’ve got a list of other games to look into also – Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, and Wipeout HD are the top ones so far.

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