Hearthstone – Piles o’ cards

I’ve been playing Hearthstone for roughly 3 weeks now Blarghe wrote a post on it a while back and I decided to take the plunge. The timing was good – I finally cracked when my android game, Marvel Puzzle quest, made some significant changes to several characters I was enjoying playing with … my Thor and Wolverine basically became garbage. Which in the game were basically my spearheads – they neutered me!

I’ve always been a sucker for games like this because they offer a lot of different ways to play and it really doesn’t matter if you have a starter deck or a hardcore deck you’ve built over 10 years… you can still hold your own! It all boils down to dumb luck. Having said that; a few cards in your deck that can mess up your opponents combo doesn’t hurt! Let me tell you … Hearthstone enjoys those cards too. Most of them are available right out of the gates.

Since Blarghe has been so hardcore into Hearthstone these past few years – I’ve made it my sworn mission to log in everyday and give him a sound thrashing! (HEY, it’s my life and I can remember it any way I want!) Blarghe using a term called “Dinking” when ever one of us has completely been broken and we use our 1 mana crystal characters to eat each other… slowly. Since that was the theme of .. well.. like ever game we play together… I decided to make a funny murloc deck. It’s alot of fun to play but not horribly effective. The noise they make when they get summoned is worth every bit of the ass kicking I receive for playing them. Wave after wave I can send for barely any cost … then they all get wiped off the board with a single arcane explosion! It may not be the best strat – but my god it feel good! haha

How about you other “Hearth-stoners” out there, what are your favorite cards to screw with? Is the game all about building the best deck possible? do you like to try themed decks? Or do you like just trying to challenge yourself with odd ball decks that you know are handicapped?

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