Panzers Costume Corner: Captain America P1

Phew! Been a while since I did a blog on my costumes!

Over the past year I’ve really gotten pretty hardcore into my costume designing and creation. I’ve been learning how to build latex molds, fiberglass, and sculpting with clays and plasticine to build different pieces… Zyley recently pointed out how ridiculous it is that that I have actually dedicated 1/3 of my 900 sqft house to a workshop!

As I mentioned before; I actually run a small costumed volunteer group call heroes Inc. ( and I also make a few bucks on the side selling mid-quality costumes. I had a new volunteer ask if he could join our band but unfortunately isn’t in a position to buy one of the costumes. The concept with the group is that everyone is suppose to buy or create their own, but since we’re such a small group I made the call to build one on the groups dime and use it as a loaner. After a long conversation with everyone in the group we decided the most interesting character to add to our team would be Captain America (Despite the fact we are all Canadians … but that’s another topic!)



I’m sure in one of my other Costume Corner entries I talked about the process of Dye Sublimation. But in case I didn’t here is a quick recap – You cannot color Lycra/spandex through conventional methods. Dye sublimation is the process of coloring synthetic materials (spandex, Lycra, etc..) the matirial is feed into a massive printer and the color is actually vaporized and then it impregnates the martial. As a result you can add patterns to material this way. I use the process to print fake muslces and shading out the spandex making it look like the person wearing it is a little more beef cake then they actually are… just stay away from Profile shots!

So I’m building the cheapest Captain America I can without sacrificing the quality the the rest of the group has benefited from. As a nice bonus anything I build I just add to my portfolio and hopefully use the money I generate to retire to a deserted Island with my riches muhaha! The first thing I wanted to do was get a Dye Sublimation costume put together – so you need a pattern.I use a basic muscles pattern outline that I use for all the outfits I do and use photoshop add the character specifics. Captain America is a fairly easy design to do – but it yields the best eye catching results! This pattern print fills up 2 yards worth of material¬† Once it’s printed I will need to contact my seamstress who will most likely charge 5 hours to sew it up. These outfits are not cheap, but you do get your moneys worth!

I have sent this pattern off to the printers, so up next we’re going to tackle the shield, gauntlets and belt. I will most likely just grab a cheap mask from ebay as those can get expensive to build!

Stay tuned!


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