WoW – Terrible at a playing a toon but don’t care?

Ever sat down behind a new alt and realized very quickly that you are just horrible at it?  I will fully admit that there are some classes that I just never fully grasped. Unfortunately for the rest of Wow, when I picked up these toons up – I had too much fun to give a damn if i was ruining someones instance run.

My big example of this today is my old priest – Vangard. This was the second toon I created on my original alliance server. I played him as a healer because my warrior was a tank and I wanted to be involved in the backend of raiding. Back then these were the best kinds of roles to play to ensure you got into the raids and you were considered an asset. I use to have a theory – Healers are power. Guilds that had healers were always the most successful because in Vanilla healers were damn near impossible to pin down and hang onto. YEARS later I thought it would be funny to server/race transfer my ole’ priest to my new home on Uther – as a bit of a twist I decided to play this toon in full on shadow spec.

Have you ever heard another player say, “Shadow Priests melt faces in PVP” or “A Shadow Priest will melt your face?” Well, that is probably because they do. Very quickly I realized the unbelievable damage potential with this class and spec. There was just one little tiny problem – you have to be damn near spot on with all your cooldowns and abilities to be able to pull it all off…. unfortunately, I was terrible at micromanaging everything. Hell, it wasn’t even the micromanaging part – on several occasions I even forgot to cast the core abilities on myself to make myself a shadowpriest… Shadow Form . But you know what? I had to mch fun shooting death beams and fearing things that I just didn’t care!

So how about it? Do you guys have a sad little alt buried somewhere in a pile of shame? Or has every class you have tried been a match made in Heaven?

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