WoW – 5.4.7 Patch notes

Hot news and features

Class news and guides

Dungeons, items, professions, PvP, and more

  • Blizzard has a new players guide that covers the human starting zones.
  • Olivia explains why we’re all bad at WoW, even if we don’t admit it.
  • Allison examines which LFR bosses are made easier by overgeared tanks and healers.
  • Olivia talks about preparing for PvP season 15.
  • Rossi examines some of the issues involved with caster mobility, especially how it affects ranged vs. melee balancing.
  • If you need to brush up on what your stats do, we have a Stats 101 guide you’ll want to read.
  • WoW Archivist looks for things that haven’t really changed.
  • Looking for a new Hearthstone deck? Check out The Rock, a paladin class deck by Matticus.

Odds and ends

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