Wow – *RANT* I hate the Timeless Isle

I’ve been playing wow for 10 years on and off. I don’t play it so I can establish my own structure, if i wanted to do that id play skyrim or other similar games. The thing I always liked about wow was there was structure there if you wanted it. there is also unstructured content ( pvp being a example) if you wanted it.

Now, I don’t vehemently dislike the isle, I just have absolutely no interest in it. I just find it dull and boring and mindless. Its the PvE gameplay equivalent of the fishing profession. Game play on the timeless isle is a mix of pokemon type ” catch them all” achievements and Super mario Brothers platform type treasure chests paired with rare spawn hunting. I couldnt care less about rare spawns or toys and have my transmogged armor set that I will die in.

I think the thing that bothers me the most about it is the “freebie” epix that they literally leave laying around. I understand that it’s there to act as a catch up – but every other patch that introduced gear would usually give you a new instance or 2 to mess around in. I feel the Timeless Isle is mindless, skill-less, fun-less farming. Reminds me of rep grinds back in Vanilla (oh, wait, there’s a rep grind there too). It’s Blizzard telling us they don’t have the resources or imagination to come up with a couple or three catch-up instances, and that we should go there and like a bunch of zombies just faceroll things to death, gang up on them preferrably.

Thankfully it’s mostly optional, except for raid bosses and to farm the tokens for warforged seals. 🙂


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