Panzers Costume Corner – Captain America P2

Hey again! It’s been close to a month since my last update on this costume build. Heroes inc is in the middle of preparing a new costume for one of our volunteers – Captain America!We were joking that after we’re done we’ll need to make a Captain Canada and make them fight!

1903378_10151903357141924_2091560604_nSo progress on this one has been slow as I’m trying to do it as cheaply as possible. We got a cheap Vinyl mask as a place setter until we can figure something else out. It’s far from ideal but will make do.

The most interesting part of the build was trying to figure out how to do the shield. It sounds like it would be simple enough, but there are a Couple factors to concider: first and foremost this thing CANNOT be heavy.The guy using it will have to carry it around for hours. Secondly it needs to be durable or the kids will just RAVAGE it. So with both of those in mind I started looking into what option I had… which wasn’t a lot. I ended up contacting a local foam craft company,, and after explaining who we are and what we needed – they offered to take the project on at cost.

The work they have been doing is very well thought out. They are mid way through the build at, but I can already tell this is going to be a work of art!

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  • Darkmuscles

    Nice! I’m interested in seeing the final product!
    Actually, I’ve been interested in your cosplay since I first met you however many years ago. I had this idea a few years back to make a couple of youtube channels about feuding “heroes”. The story would involve two vloggers that don’t know each other, but meet one day under less than ideal circumstances. There would be some type of altercation that would unfold through the eyes of each vlogger through their own separate channels, as each form into the hero (or villain) they are destined to become.
    Anyway, it has had me reading your cosplay posts whenever I see you popped up a new one.

    • General_Panzer_Dawnstar

      Glad to hear someone is reading them! Was debating if they still made sense to right on lol.