WoW – Will Bolvar Return to fight the Legion?

I’m call’n right now it.

The Legion shows up and tries to to activate the most powerful weapon they have created, THE LICH KING!

The Lich kindgis going to return mark my words! It all makes perfect sense … Of course the next expansion will be Burning Legion, a blind man can see it coming. Bolvar is the new Lich King, he will be able to control the undead better than Arthas. HE WILL BE A GOOD GUY!!! Expect the undead under Bolvar to become a new rep based faction. Here is why. That suit of armor was created by Kil’Jeaden, a lieutenant of Sergeras which is the leader of the Legion and a Titan as well. The Lich king armor is the most powerful weapon created by the legion, and this is why it’s sealed in a block of ice. To keep it dormant. So far the legion has never been able to control the possessors of the armor, and now it houses a righteous soul, Bolvar Fordragon.

The Lich king lore has no where to go now, story wise, so this will be the new path it takes I’m pretty sure. Yeah, we will see some form of Illidan as well, it’s already been hinted at many times, but believe me, you will be seeing a new Lich King march against the Legion along side us all.

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