I was browsing the new items on MMO Champion they datamined from Warlords and found this.

Engineering item, its a use, not a trinket.

Use: Makes you immune to Leap of Faith and threat redirecting abilities. Lasts 12 hrs.

“Warning label: May upset annoying humanoids.”



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  • Undeadchade

    not okay.

    • Blarghe

      Report back when a DK kills you. Bonus points if it’s Grokk. 🙂

  • Blarghe

    Listen son, you need to calm the hell down and understand that a Priest is going to fuck you how he wants, forever. Priests rule us in every game. Just be glad he can’t quintuple his health at will.

    On the other side, I went 5/5 tonight with a Druid in Hearthstone. DRUID.

    [invisitext]I have no idea what I’m talking about[/invisitext]

    • General_Panzer_Dawnstar


  • General_Panzer_Dawnstar

    Best pack ever.

  • Blarghe

    Wow, Nat Pagle, too, considered one of the best legendaries. I got Malygos (4/12, +5 Spell Damage) recently.

    • General_Panzer_Dawnstar

      This is actually my second one lol.

  • Undeadchade

    I ended up disenchanting my pagle when he was worth full value to disenchant. Got me one of them fancy leeroys. Pagle got nerfed pretty hard. But still a viable card, just no longer a required card.

  • Blarghe

    I have enough dust now to craft my first legendary, and so went out and looked at what folks think is the best one to get first.

    Basically, there’s too many opinions on that subject.

    Probably going to go with Cairne Bloodhoof (6 cost, 4/5, deathratte: summon 4/5 Baine Bloodhoof). Seems like the most versatile in any deck.

    • General_Panzer_Dawnstar

      Rag is my first choice.

      Just do ranked matches… there is no benefit to playing unranked and there is literally nothing to lose by playing ranked. As a bonus if you get rank 20 for the season, which you can do in your sleep because you don’t lose ranks until after 20 you get a new card backing each month.

      • Blarghe

        Yeah, and after putting 3 legendaries into an unranked deck, I’m now regularly playing vs other decks with legendaries, hah. I guess the “worthy opponent” is probably based on the DE cost of your deck or something.

        FYI, I like druids now, they’re a fun “ramp” style, where you live to the longer game and are slamming down huge mobs every turn.

        • General_Panzer_Dawnstar

          The “worthy opponent” works like this….

          All casual players are “worthy” of each other regardless of their decks.
          Ranked players only get paired up with people at similar ranks.

          Decks values have nothing to do with anything lol.

          • Blarghe

            Maybe. I’ll have to try and find a deck that has basically no or little legendaries, or even purples, and see how the game computes who’s a worth opponent.

            You can actually go look online about the ranked ladders, and they speak in deck cost, not rank. It’s wild. “Well in the 3604 you can have 5 or 6, but in the 3102 you get 4 or 5…”

  • Blarghe

    Got rank 22, and a new quest. NOBODY SAID THERE WERE NEW QUESTS…DAVE! Yeah, you 😛 “Cast 40 spells” or something silly. Argh.

    Awesome. I guess I’ll be playing ranked hah.

    Also, Panzer stomped me tonight. 0/2. I have excuses, but it makes him feel good to know he won. 🙂 I guess that’s how Paladins work.

    I’ll see how far the new “real” Murloc/Lock deck gets. I did craft a couple rares for the deck, though, and unlocked Old Murk-Eye. Legendary Murloc.

    • General_Panzer_Dawnstar

      Ya, tonight was another repeat. Get your head in the Game, Jeff!

      • Blarghe

        I had an idea, and made a Hunter deck, entirely based on secrets and removals, relying on the class ability + some random dmg to win.

        Encountered a well constructed murloc deck, ironically, and managed to win lol, barely. 5:0 or so, but still…so many secrets. I didn’t even get out the mob that gets 1/1 for every secret.

        However, the hunter weapon that’s 3/2 and gets +1 durability for every secret revealed I kept the entire game from turn 2 or 3, very useful. Hunter char attack for 3, plus the char 2 dmg, is 5 straight to your face every round.

        Last, Dave raping baby murloc decks isn’t something to be proud of. 😛 😉


        I apparently can’t make a murloc deck, dammit. Argh!

  • Blarghe

    15 Comments, this thread has. Might be a new record.