Blarghing – I fail at Murloc

For real.

I started a Murloc deck, using a Warlock, got/crafted all the Murloc cards (every one of them) and don’t win matches.

The reason I made the deck was because every time I encountered a Murloc deck on one of my other decks, I got stomped. *Every time*. Probably 0/4 or 0/5.

Now, I know that those other Murloc decks just got hella lucky.

The Murloc deck I made, and have been messing with for a week or so, is really only about 50-60% Murloc. The decks I lost to, were 100% Murloc. When your 50-60% Murloc deck draws 100% Murloc, you are going to win in 4-6 rounds, no doubt.

Most of the time, you draw half Murloc, mulligan for a round or two maybe, or maybe go for it out of the gates. Either way, if you don’t draw 3 or 4 of the good Murloc cards at the start, you will not win.

I even took out the Legendary Murloc, so I’d be facing even more noob decks. Nope, still lost most of the time, unless I got the opening combo to win in 4-6 rounds. Also, I was encountering some decks that threw in some of the better bang for the buck Murloc cards, just to counter a real Murloc deck, lol. About the *worst* matchup is Murloc vs Murloc, oof.

Last, if Blizzard makes the next playable race Murloc, I *MIGHT* come back to WoW. 🙂 :deviltrollface: 🙂

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