Hearthstone – Best pack EVA!

I was playing with hearthstone last night and noticed someone a little different on Battlenet. Hellwolf had decided to give the game a try! I got to talking with him and he was having a difficult time winning because he hadn’t accumulated any cards. I’ve been playing the game religiously since it was in Beta and have quite a few going (I haven’t paid a dime into the game so it’s taking alot longer). It got me thinking what was the best pack I ever opened that was a game changer for me?

I make no secret about it – My favorite card Nozdormu or as I call it to Jeff “The hurry the fuck up card”. It forces the players to play a card within 15 seconds or lose their turn – I’m not a patient person. This card sums me up perfectly, all me decks have it. When I got the card I remember how cool it was to have opened up a pack with a legendary in it! Since then I’ve seen a few more, but that one is my favorite.

How about you? What packs have you opened and found the “Game changer”?

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