Blarghing – I am….stuck. An old gamer journey.

First off, sorry Dave, no image.

Second, my “fancy” new hand me down 5 year old pieced together from old work computer parts home theater / gaming PC runs Media Center great, but this is the first time I’ve tried to type on the keyboard I grabbed from work. OMG, nuke this thing. The spacebar is louder than my dishwasher.

Anyway, I am an old gamer. Old. I loaded up CS:GO and CS:S, and the server choices didn’t allow for a scrolling list. I tried to play on some of them, which made me feel even older, since I used to be with it, and then CS changed what it was, now I am totally not with anything about CS, or even any FPS, and all the new games seem weird and strange to me.

This keyboard is seriously loud, wow. I bet Garrett is actually losing sleep from my spacing. 🙂 Takka takka!


Hearthstone, fun. Check. However, too much of the same thing.

OLD games (I even installed Half-Life 1 and 2, TF2, etc). Meh, not significant. CIV5 I’ll play.

Tell me what I might like! I want to use my fun new living room setup, but haven’t found a good way to do so.

WoW is………ugh…I guess, NOT out of the question. I would definitely have to replace this loud ass keyboard.

Remember, PC game ideas only, please. Matthew and I will be playing Diablo 3 on the 360/PS3 soon, but I need a late night distraction.

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  • Undeadchade

    Needs more Fury3. It’s not too bad to get it to install, but you have to live with 256 of the best colors you’ve ever seen. Get to take down countless ships and strange robot things though.

    • Blarghe

      I’ll also take X-Wing and Master of Magic.

      Hmm, I do still have the install discs for a few Heroes of Might and Magic.

  • calindril
  • Silverstrike

    That’s what was keeping me up?! /Shakesfist

    You may all continue with you lives without my interference.

    (Still going strong with SWTOR, just moved servers to The Ebon Hawk.)