Blarghing – Warcrimes

I just finished listening to the audiobook, Warcrimes, detailing the trial of Drannosh and his eventual escape.

I’m …damn near compelled to play again. Pages upon pages could be written for or against that statement, but WoW Zergadins will see Blarghe (probably healing, that dumb pally can tank) playing on launch.

Others will show for the expansion, I’m sure, and I’m looking forward to finding out how life has been for both above and below sea level engineers. 🙂

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  • Mappy

    I plan on buying WoD, though it’s still a month away. There’s been kind of a lull in wow as of late, really nothing at all to do. Maybe an LFR here and there, but nothing too compelling. My guild has been on a literal break for a few months, kind of like a ghost town to log in to.

    • Blarghe

      I bet! One month before the expansion, and the game is kinda empty? 🙂 Did you guys get the various heroic achievement mounts and such?

      I figure I’ll get WoD and level a few chars, and play casually. Maybe raid, see how it goes. I’ve been watching way too much TV in the evenings nowadays, hah.

      The hardest part will be who to level first. I’m thinking druid or pally, so I can heal/dps/tank.

      I forgot to look it up, but are there any new races or classes with this XP?

      • Mappy

        There are no races or classes but all the old models are being graphically updated. Personally I guess I’m looking forward to the new raid format this expansion. If you were around to experience “flex” in MoP they’re expanding it to be included in both normal and heroic raids. Meaning if you have between 10 and 25 people in your raid group the bosses will scale to match the group size. It hopefully should be easier to form raids this expansion because of this.

        As For what class you should level here is the latest beta sims, though these will most likely change before launch. Also lot of classes are getting ability trims so I’d look up the changes for whatever spec you’re thinking of leveling to make sure you would still enjoy playing the class.

        My overall experience with MoP is positive I just feel they’ve dragged this wait for the new expansion way too long. I’ve done everything I want to, got my raid mount, geared my alt, etc. So now I’m just waiting around waiting for something new to come my way.

        Also I just remembered if you pre-order WoD now you get a free level 90 character, so you can use that to play a new class as soon as the expac hits if that’s something that interests you.

        • Blarghe

          Thanks for the link! I’m not going to pick a main based on speculative numbers, though. I haven’t had a druid main really, and it might be fun.

          I was just watching the Garrosh boss fight, and wow, that looks like a great encounter. I stopped when the Thunder King had came out, mostly, so missed that and the siege raid. The Siege of Orgrimmar looks like it was a very good raid, bummed I missed the progression on that.

          …which is when I just realized I do miss figuring out and learning the raid bosses. Maybe do it like mists, where I only had 1 main char, which would make the grinding much easier to handle.

    • Blarghe

      In other news, many large TVs don’t work well for gaming yet, hah. I haven’t looked up the specific stats for my model, but it’s a 60″ Samsung LED that is probably in the upper tier (>30ms) for lag. Just moving the mouse around feels like I’m using an old wireless mouse.

      All the better to heal you with, my pretties!

  • Shammy


    Granted I don’t have nearly the play
    time I had before, and consistent raiding isn’t really a certainty, but I
    will be demonstrating to all the master race that is the monk

    • Blarghe

      Heya! Are you on a boat yet?

  • Blarghe

    I finally did the LFR for Dranosh, and I can’t recommend Warcrimes more. The book takes off where the fight ends, awesome.