STWG: Conspiracy Theories


So I was reading a WoW insider article regarding the next expansions coming out, and the author made a few very good points and arguments about what could be next. So I’ve decided to share my theory, one which I developed while leveling with Shammypants back in December.


If you’ll travel back with me to your leveling experience this expansion to the Twilight Highlands, to a quest where you are sent into “the maw.” You are tasked with helping the Earthen Ring defeat the tentacle-beast monster Old God thing, in the process you are swatted down like a gnat into the mouth of the very thing you were attempting to kill.


When you land, you are surrounded by ooze trying to paralyze you for digestion….not a pretty sight. You do notice though that a Shaman has landed with you, and is attempting to fight off the ooze. Though you eventually fail, you black out and enter a cinematic of sorts where Thrall and his allies are being destroyed by Deathwing, and you cant do anything but sit there and watch it happen as he yells at you. Pretty bleak outlook right?

Well after coming out of this nightmare, you are “awoken” by the same Shaman from earlier who tells you that you blacked out…and that they need your help to destroy the brain. Those of you unfamiliar with this idea, I will sum it up for you: C’thun of AQ 40 and Yogg-Saron of Ulduar, upon entering their final phase of the boss fight, required you to attack their brains in order to kill them.

However in this situation, we are doing a quest….not a group quest, a normal quest. The previous encounters with Old Gods required a full raid party. Coincidence? Let’s complicate it further: you were in a nightmare. They tell you its a nightmare, then you “leave” the nightmare….and find yourself back inside the beast that created the nightmare….

So what am I getting at here?

The Nightmare never ended. We are all still dreaming, all still being digested. But how can this be? We fly out of the Old God and see that the tentacles are all dead and lifeless! Yes, and in the quest we also were all the way out in the middle of the Ocean. In Yogg-Saron we were taken to the Throne Room during WC1, and the creation of the Dragon Soul.

So what does this mean? It means that, if I’m right. Cho’gall isnt really dead. Nor Onyxia or Nefarion. It means that before we can defeat Deathwing, someone will have to come along and wake us up….



From a gameplay perspective….yea, its really stupid because it gives them yet another excuse to reuse a boss….but from a story perspective….its actually a really great plot twist. All this time you think you’re making so much progress and achieving so much….when in reality your laying in a Sarlac pit being slowly digested.

I’m probably way off, and giving Blizz too much credit….but they have the opportunity here to go into a really….REALLY dark C’thulu themed story line….and since its anyones guess where this story is going to go…. It’s very possible.


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