STWG: Dark Highjack – Jaina Proudmoore, True Villain


I didn’t write this, but it makes sooo much sense. (Originally posted on mmo-champion by lleet)


“Did you know? Jaina Proudmoore allowed her father to die so that the Horde could continue to grow in strength. Is she then a double-agent for the Horde?


The answer is no. Jaina Proudmoore is in fact the true villain, the mastermind behind all the evils of WoW.


She watched on as Admiral Proudmoore died because she wanted a proper challenge. The Horde was too weak for her, and needed to become stronger…


And Varian Wrynn? He’s nothing but Jaina’s puppet. Wrynn said nothing to reprimand Jaina after she forcefully teleported him out of the Undercity. Why? Because he knew that she could have chosen never to release him from the ice…


Of course Jaina would never harm Wrynn. After all, Varian Wrynn and Thrall are both her precious little toys. You think Thrall is safe, tucked within his little fortress? Think again. Jaina showed in the ‘Battle for the Undercity’ questline that she could teleport to Orgimmar any time she wished, at her leisure.


You’re probably shaking your heads by now, recalling how Jaina saved the players in the Pit of Saron and cried over the deaths of the soldiers. How could such a kind soul ever be evil? But remember this. In the Undercity, she showed that she could easily teleport at least a dozen soldiers on short notice. But… In the Pit of Saron? She only saves the five players. The reason is simple. She did not want any disturbances in her duel with the Lich King. If Falric and Marwyn had not held us behind, she may have murdered us players as well.


Another scary fact. It is well-known that Jaina is a mage with epic skills.


Yet we only see Jaina meleeing the Lich King when we come upon their battle.


But the Lich King, with Frostmourne, only managed to take away 5000k of Jaina’s HP… Whereas Jaina took out 7000k of the Lich King’s HP. With only a staff. Jaina tells the players that she cannot keep the Lich King frozen for long. Yet as long as you don’t speak to her, she can keep him frozen until 10:00 AM the next morning.


If the Skybreaker had not collapsed the tunnel, the fall of the Lich King may have come much sooner than Blizzard intended. The final evidence. Look at the final bosses of the two expansions. The Burning Crusade? The final boss was Kil’jaeden, yes, but it was Kael’thas who summoned him into the Sunwell. The Wrath of the Lich King? The final boss is the Lich King, obviously, but the man beneath is Arthas Menethil.


These two men have just one thing in common, and that is that they both fell in love with Jaina as she studied magic in Dalaran. Now do you understand? Kael’thas and Arthas may have thought they were acting under their own ambitions, but in reality they too were mere puppets of Jaina Proudmoore.


Meet Jaina Proudmoore, the true villain and the mastermind behind all the evils of WoW.”


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