Transmog of the Week – Undeadchade

Let’s take a look at this T-Mog ensemble put together by Undeadchade.

It’s an Absolution redo with Head and Shoulders.   You can get this look by traversing the Black Temple and Battle for Mt. Hyjal lvl 70 Raids.

This set is in high demand for Priests and is considered by many to be the best Tier set for Priests… Ever!  If you haven’t tried the new Transmogrification feature yet just head down to the local Ethereal Hut on the Drag in Org.

Changing the look of your gear is a simple drag and drop from your backpack.  It has a modest gold fee, and increases as the gear becomes more current.  The highest cost belonging to the Weapon slot.

Transmog sets can be viewed in game or on the Armory.  It can also be pulled up on the mobile armory as well.  I took Undeadchade’s screenshot with my mobile app.

If you would like to have your set featured leave a reply and I’ll add it to the Que!

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