Hello and welcome to a new series of STWG posts that will attempt to explain, in the standard comical practice, the other MMO’s stories we’ve seen come out within the last few years that our brains were hooked up to the WoW-drug machine.


Today I will be explaining, in probably the shortest STWG post to date, the Lord of the Rings Online story. Have you read the books? You know, the ones written by J. R. R. Tolkien?


Well oddly enough, the MMO actually follows the books instead of the movies. I know right? You thought, “LOTRO huh? Well I suppose with those movies they would make an MMO out of it.” But in all actuality, the game was just using the movies as a method for advertisement. Think about how many people wouldn’t know about Lord of the Rings without those movies! ….Yea, its actually not that big of a number… BUT THIS IS AMERICA! Most people dont really get excited about reading anymore so… there is that.


Anyways, back to the story. Its actually really good, and follows the books to the letter. Which makes the quests so interesting. Essentially your character is always just a few days behind the fellowship, so everything that happens to you is like the after effects of what happened to them.

For instance, *SPOILERSSSSS* When you get to Weathertop, Frodo and the other Hobbits as well as Strider, have already come and gone so when you arrive there are shit-tons of Orcs and Wraiths all over the place. Its completely over-run, and its your job to clear them out of there…which is hard.

So essentially….if you read the books… you’ll know the story of the game…. which is kind of a bummer… because its all kind of predictable in that regard, though there are some slight variations, AND you do get to go to place that are only mentioned in the book and covered in Tolkien’s expanded universe. Such as the frozen North arctic place which is awesome.




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