STWG: The Age of Conan


If you’ve never gone back and watched the original Conan the Barbarian movies with Arnold, you definitely should…purely for their ridiculousness and over the top characters….including Arnold as Conan. If ever there was a set of movies that Mystery Science Theater would need to mock, these movies would be a solid choice.


BUT enough about the movies, on to the game! The MMO that is.


Conan and the story surrounding him were written in the form of books beginning with a short story posted in a magazine in the 1930’s.


Now one of my roommates is a huge Conan fan, and has read many if not all of the books. She informed me that the reason for the setting of the books, which I will explain in a moment, is that Robert E. Howard, the writer, had tried writing fictional historically based books but they were not well received by the public who simply pointed out the abundance of errors in the stories. So Howard decided to write his story based on the time before the continents. A time when all cultures were right next to each other: Pangea.


So the setting for the game is actually quite interesting: imagine a world where Egyptians, Vikings, Asia and Rome were but a few miles apart… The story, essentially, is a bit odd though. You are a chosen….champion….person. You were a slave on a ship, but not just any slave! (LoL) you bear a mark on your chest, as does everyone else in the ship.


Apparently you and all of them are part of some…prophecy…to stop the main bad guy… who is just someone…with a whole lot of magics.


I played the game up to level 38 and I still had no clue what my purpose really was… other than what every NPC told me: “Ho man, brah, we gotta, liek, stop that bad guy, bro.” and I’d be like, “Yea, who is that again by the way?” and then they’d be like, “Go kill those guys. They took mah stuffz.”


My roommates insisted that the game is actually very interesting as you get higher up, so dont simply take my word as law. One thing I really enjoyed was each cultures Gods, and I would definitely recommend reading up on some of them when you have the chance.


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