SWTG: Vise Visits grokk in the US (pt 2)


Having awoken from our previous night of mass alcohol drinking, I received a text from Vise at around 10 am which said, “So I take it thats a no then” frantically I searched my memories of the prior night to what I might have said or agreed to, and came up with nothing, so I called him.


Apparently Vise had offered to not only bribe a co-worker to cover my shift for the day, but he’d also pay me for the days wages I would lose! What a guy!


Apparently the offer was so good, my drunk ass thought he was kidding. NOPE.


So after making a few phone calls, we made it happen, and I decided to take the day to show him around Beaverton, my home town.


First things first: The Washington Square Mall.


You might be thinking to yourself, “Really Grokk? What’s so great about the mall?”


Well that’s what Richard thought, until I showed him it… IT’S. HUGE.


Upon venturing inside the mall, he said, “wow! this place has so much-wait a minute… how many Gamestops does this mall have?”


“Two,” I replied, “they’re about 2 minutes walk from each other.”


“Why do you have 2 Gamestops??”


“We have 4 Gaming stores in this mall, 2 are Gamestops, one is a Radioshack, and the other is… somewhere in here. There is also a Target about 3 minutes drive from the mall.”


“Yes, yes. But why are there 2 Gamestops within 2 minutes of each other?”


“Richard, I’m going to teach you the magical American answer to all your questions: ‘Because we can.”


It was after our trek around the mall that I showed my Canadian friend to a mexican restaurant called Chipotle, and regaled him with tales of my youth, and he of his. Chipotle makes great burritos and tacos, and are huge portions of food, they also, yep you guessed it: THEY SELL BEER!


“Wait a minute, is this a bar?”


“Nope, it’s actually considered fast food.”


“But they sell beer here??”


“Yep! It’s actually becoming more and more popular to have beer served in fast food places. Soon we might be able to even drink in public!”


After this, we ventured to my apartment where we played a little of the Battlefield 3 BETA, and showed him my apartment, from there we visited Paula at work.


And finally ventured back to beaverton where we picked up a pizza from my work, more beer and watched a movie back at Paula’s.


Other quotes from Richard and I’s adventures!


“Interestingly enough though Richard, did you know that the liquor stores here close as early as 6 pm?”


“What?? That’s crazy!”


“What’s even more crazy is that no liquor stores are open on Sundays ANYWHERE in Oregon.”


“Why?? Is it because of the Sabbath?”


“Probably. All I know is, if you want rum or whiskey and you’re sitting at home, Tough. Shit.”




*minivan cuts me off on the freeway, and flips me off*


“I see what you mean about Americans being assholes.”




“Holy crap! Your Safeway club card deals are awesome! This beer 12 pack is normally 18 but this makes it 11 dollars??”


“Uh…yea. Is that good or something?”


“Up in Victoria the club card discount is something stupid like a dollar or something!”


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