Zerging on Vaiken Space Dock : Year One

We are approaching the year one anniversary of the SWTOR going live.  That means the Zergadins are approaching our 1 year anniversary in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

The first year of, Star Wars: The Old Republic was like being a settler in the “Old West.”  The trials you faced were harsh and many. Havens of safety were also scarce.  Yet for those brave adventures willing to endure, untold rewards were there for the taking.

Zergadins willing to make the journey to the Star Wars universe were led by Grokk.  Jared, or Grokk as he’s known to the community, forged ahead and established a foothold on our initial server Daragon Trail.  We all pushed hard to reach endgame while enjoying the class story-lines that kept you guessing at every chapter what would happen next.  When the team reached end game, we dove head first into Operations.

End game Operations, aka Raiding, in SWTOR lacked the polish that many Zergadins had become accustomed to.  Mechanics for tanking and dps, at the core were similar to WoW, but had their own refreshing twist.  This twist caused a learning curve that weeded out the dedicated Star Wars geeks, from flavor-of-the-month MMO gamers.

When real life responsibilities pulled Jared from the GM role, I took over the reins with one solid commitment in mind.  Community.

Around April of 2012 SWTOR was already losing its gloss in the community.  Quality of Life practices that make MMOs accessible to working professionals and students were non-existent.  Patch 1.2 did little to fix the problems.   Patch 1.3 that dropped in late June 2012 was the only thing that could save the Galaxy, and the Zergadins in it.

During these times of desolation on the Space Dock my commitment to uphold the Zergadin Community gave birth to the Zergadin  Datacron Chronicles.  I pictured these Chronicles like the scrolling text at the beginning of a Star Wars movie.  They turned into our actual adventure chronicles, detailing our exploits across the Galaxy.  Since they were first ‘recovered’ others have joined in the Datacron Chronicle logging. Dave, and SWTOR Zergadin Matt Lowe (Mattman) has added exceptional writing to our story.

The wave of the initial Zergadins that made the journey with me are all but gone, save Dave (Panzer) and Andrew (Tosbeszijian).  The have both cemented their place as founding Zergadin members.  This is not to say we haven’t found exceptional individuals out there roaming the galaxy though.

Josh (Walter O. Dim), Kris (Azhi), Matt (Mattman) joined our adventures early.  You can see their accomplishments in the Zergadin’s Kill shot Gallery.  Josh healed our first Eternity Vault Hard Mode Kill.  Matt was there as we learned to deal with Karagga’s Palace.  Kris crushed dps meters to push us to our first Karagga HM kill.

Another member of the team that is still with us today is Daniel (Al’ressun).  He is an elite sniper that blazed a trail with us in early Explosive Conflict encounters.   Recently since the game has gone F2P we have gained a new handful of quality Zergadin Members.  They all were recruited with the same focus in mind, Community.

Our current roster is tight in membership, but expansive in heart.  Recent additions to the team have only added to our overall commitment of established a positive and unforgettable community on Vaiken Space Dock.

Our Year One Anniversary Roster:

Garrett (The Silverstrike Legacy) – SWTOR GM

Dave (Panzer) – Zergadin GM

Josh (Walter O. Dim) – Legacy Commander

Matt (Mattman) – Quartermaster

Kris (Azhi) – Medical Officer

Andrew (Tosbeszijian) – Legacy Officer

Daniel (Al’ressun) – Specialist

Tavo (Nephelam) – Specialist

(Rucca) – Specialist

(Restive) – Specialist

Stefin (Dredge) – Zergadin

Kellie (Newo) – Zergadin

Evan (Phazer) – Zergadin

Joel (Izzo) – Zergadin

I’d like to personally thank every Zergadin that is current, and have faded into memory for helping me forge this community into what it is today.

Here’s to another year of Zergadin Adventures in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…