What began as a simple way to get our World of Warcraft and our Star Wars the old Republic chapters a chance to meet each other – Team Fortress 2 turned into a night of madness and pillaging that has earned itself a spot on our weekly community events calendar. Team Fortress 2 gives players that enjoy the company of our crew a chance to play casually with the team without the need to dedicate multiple nights a week.

Originally Organized at the beginning of 2013 by Community Leader Panzer, Swtor GM Zyley and of course our right hand man Blarghe. The trio managed to promote and build the concept of bringing the game into our community. Blarghe, using his expertise with computer networking and server design, built a dedicated server for us to call our own. The server is set to be open throughout the day to let other potential Zergadins enjoy the fruits of his labor. However, when it’s time to for our community to get rolling – it’s all for us.

Team Fortress 2 is a relatively new game to many players in our group. Being a first person shooter style of game it is juristically different from many in our community are used to. It gives us a chance to unwind and enjoy all the witty banter that echoes through our Ventrilo server without the need to think about how we are going to tackle the “next boss encounter”. We have a mix of skills levels ranging from hardcore Spys and Snipers to that poor player that can’t stop looking at the floor while they are running. The healthy mix makes it accessible to anyone and we encourage everyone to join us. With its “drop-in” style of game play Team Fortress 2 is a welcome addition to our gaming community.


Team Fortress Server Information
Server name: Fort Zerg