**As Tradition Dictates**

Each week a winner is chosen from the participants of or Team Fortress 2 death match. Each week a round is established and then after everything is all said and done a winner is crowned. The winner isn’t established on playing ability as much as it’s chosen on the player’s involvement with the group. Yes, we know you stabbed Blarghe 400 times in the back with your spy. Yes, we know you captured all the intelligence by yourself. Yes, we know you spent the entire time healing Zyley because he can’t stop spinning in circles and staring at the ground. Does that make you the winner? Are you the communities’ all-star this week? If you have to ask yourself the question, that probably not. So here we are with no further delay – your weekly champions!

January 2/2013

January 14/2013

January 28/2013

February 4/2013

February 11/2013

February 18/2013

February 25/2013

March 4/2013