Welcome to the Zergadins!

We are a “Gaming Community” of people from literally all across the globe.  Our members play various games spanning the ever evolving world of MMO’s and single player platforms such as WoW, SWTOR, Guild Wars, Dc Universe online and Minecraft.  Founded in 2007, our team came together collectively in the World of Warcraft and then expanded to include other interests in 2011 allowing us to greatly broaden our horizons.  According to  the Zergadins’  founder Panzer, “What separates us from most guilds is that we continue to evolve and grow no matter what comes our way – we don’t quit – and we are a community of enthusiasts and players from all ranges of skill who have learned successfully, through trial and error, to work together to accomplish common goals … and have a ton of fun while doing it”.

Zergadins is a casual, laid back community of good people who want to have fun while conquering ALL of the virtual worlds at large.  If you’re interested in joining our cause, er … ah-hem, TEAM, please go to our “Apply To Join” link at the top of the web site and fill out our application.

Thank you for visiting the Zergadins!