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BH Medic Class 401

P’anzer:  Finally, you hit 50!  Wanna run BT HM??? You know you want to! Zyley:  Give me 15 mins, I need to gear and re-spec. P’anzer:  What?  How do you even know what to respect for?  Let’s GOOOOO! Zyley: /Koltoarrowtotheknee P’anzer:  Not funny at all…. Perk up pukes!  You’ve made it to the final class […]

Bodyguards – Medics with Guns!

Zyley – “I’m here to protect you.” P’anzer – “Then why are you pointing those blasters square at my temple?” Zyley – “Trust me, I know exactly what I’m doing.” P’anzer – “I have a bad feeling about this…” Heavy Armor, Twin Blasters, and Kolto Missles.   Bounty Hunter Bodyguards demand respect.  How do you earn […]