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Damage Dealing – It’s like a vacation!

Many players consider the Damage Dealing role an easy one. I have a different point of view about it. The Damage Dealing role is easily picked up, and slowly mastered. On Thursdays I’ll muse over how to master the art of Damage. Are you feeling burned out? Are you feeling burned out and fill the […]

SWTOR – Put out your Cigarettes, break time is over.

The Gree Relics event returns TOMORROW along with patch 1.7.2, it’s running till the 26th. This info was dropped on us by Community Dev Eric Musco, just hours ago. I wonder when it is too… OH WAIT I KNOW! Here are the details! Game update 1.7.2 is going live with tomorrow morning’s maintenance! That’s right, […]

SWTOR – Patch 2.0 HM Flashpoint Guides

Hit up Force Junkies for the blow-by-blow of Hard Mode Flash Points in version 2 point 0. If you’ve yet to check out the changes in 2.0, all you have to do is copy your characters to it. Log into your SWTOR account and manange it at, then just click PTS Copy! Mandolorian Raiders […]

Silverstrike’s Rep Gear Summary

Head on over to Force Junkies to check out my Rep gear summary. Along with the usual guides on the Junkies’ site, I’ll be posting blogs about the goings on of the SWTOR Community. I’m hopeful in my new endeavor to generate some interest and increased traffic on the site. I promise this though, if […]

Silverstrike’s guide to becoming a Tank SWTOR

Taking a que from Panzer, I’m shamelessly plugging an article posted at FORCE Junkies.  Basics of Tanking are concepts that many hardened MMO Gamers are familiar with, but with the opening of F2P there will be many new Star Wars Geeks taking up the charge.  This is the type of 101 guide that can set […]