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Community : Zergadins Year End Review and Forecast 2012

I’m two months behind on my “State of the Guild” year end recap. You can find my last one here, to realize how far we have come as a community. In June 2012 we were at a cross roads of our community. Since then we have been reworked and rebuilt ourselves into true Zergadins. We […]

SWTOR : Patch 1.6.2 Now Live – aka Section X Weekly Fixed!

The new patch is live.  It’s a good’un.  Here are the official patch notes. This patch has fixed many of the stupid bug/problems that have cropped up lately.  As with the last few patches, there are more Cartel Items for real money purchases.  My recommendation, lock up your wallets.  Run some more daily missions for […]

Heal with Hate®

The last expac broke the World of Warcraft in every way possible. Out of the ashes of WotLK, came Cataclysm. Gone were the days of AoE burns and Tanking the entire dungeon. Crowd Control was king and Heroics were just that, Heroic. Blizz listened to the vocal minority of players and gave them what they […]

Heal with Hate®

I’ll never forget my first conversation with Panzer. It was a pst chat interview to get accepted into the guild. I was recommened for an invite by the Mom/Daugter pair of Booty and ‘Tess. (That dynamic duo’s story is better left to another blog, but they definatly added to the growing Hate). I was hovering […]