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SWTOR : NiM Explosive Conflict

Like the true Zergadin Matt is, he decided to run EC NiM last night instead of his regular Monster Mash. Somehow I lead the run, go figure right? Overall it was a great success. The Zergs never attempted NiM EC when it was current, because we get paid by the hour. Last night we had […]

SWTOR : Crewskills Database

Greetings Comrades.  Thanks to the know how of Panzer and my relentlessness nagging, our Crewskills Database is live. Here’s the link to our page.  You can directly access the page under the SWTOR tab in the navigation bar above you.  We’ll soon have a large flashing link at the top of all our pages. […]

SWTOR – How We Zerg

Greetings fellow Zergadins. Many of you were present for the 16 man story mode Terror from Beyond run on 4/2. It was not my best job of leading, and I’ll leave it at that. The failed raid brought up some feelings in the group, and everyone had a point. I’ll use our ‘Big Discussion’ as […]

Damage Dealing – It’s like a vacation!

Many players consider the Damage Dealing role an easy one. I have a different point of view about it. The Damage Dealing role is easily picked up, and slowly mastered. On Thursdays I’ll muse over how to master the art of Damage. Are you feeling burned out? Are you feeling burned out and fill the […]

SWTOR – Gree Event and Spring Progression

The  Gree boss Operation is scheduled for this Sunday at 7:30 server.  Attendance will determine if I schedule another for next Sunday.  If the attendance is spotty, I’ll just put together Ops on the fly for it next week. The Spring Progression is slated to start in early April.  We will focus on Nightmare Mode […]

SWTOR- Weekly Blog Schedule

I’ve set up a scheduled of weekly blog topics on the Force Junkies site. Monday : Credits & Crew Skills Tuesday: Professional Tanks Wednesday : Front Line Medic Thursday : Advanced Arms Friday : Warzone Combat Log Saturday : Guild Guidance Sunday : Point of View If anyone would like to write up a blog […]

SWTOR – Put out your Cigarettes, break time is over.

The Gree Relics event returns TOMORROW along with patch 1.7.2, it’s running till the 26th. This info was dropped on us by Community Dev Eric Musco, just hours ago. I wonder when it is too… OH WAIT I KNOW! Here are the details! Game update 1.7.2 is going live with tomorrow morning’s maintenance! That’s right, […]

The Zergadin Challange – Points Tally

First off let me go over the point system. I followed the rules I set forth, and as I tallied the points I didn’t go back and tweak it. Once I gave points it stayed that way. This challenge was won or lost with screen shots. Enjoy! Point Totals: TEAM PANZER INDIVIDUAL AWARDS Panzer 8 […]

SWTOR – Patch 2.0 HM Flashpoint Guides

Hit up Force Junkies for the blow-by-blow of Hard Mode Flash Points in version 2 point 0. If you’ve yet to check out the changes in 2.0, all you have to do is copy your characters to it. Log into your SWTOR account and manange it at, then just click PTS Copy! Mandolorian Raiders […]

SWTOR – Zergadin Challange This Sunday!

Kickball rules engage. Team Captains will be Panzer and Buhrn. The captains will pick up to 7 more members to fill out their rosters. Roles and Classes are up to them. The field of battle will be Eternity Vault Story Mode. The prize is complete shame of the opposing team. The winner will be determined […]