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Story Time with Grokk – Venom, Greatest Character Ever

Venom is the greatest character ever created in the entire Comic book universe, including DC.   That’s my opinion, and I have debated to the death with people why I believe that.   Venom is an entity that was introduced to the Spider-Man universe in The Secret Wars Issue#8. He was originally designed to be […]

STWG: The Man Code…man.

  GREETINGS SIMPLETONS!   IT IS I, DR. GROKK JAMES SMASH! I HAVE STOLEN FORUM POST FROM JARED IN ORDER TO PROPERLY CONV…CUNVE…I TELL YOU IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!   Today we talk about THE MAN CODE.   People think, “Oh Grokk, I know what man code is… I’ve had a penis and testicles for a while […]

SWTG: Vise Visits grokk in the US (pt 2)

  Having awoken from our previous night of mass alcohol drinking, I received a text from Vise at around 10 am which said, “So I take it thats a no then” frantically I searched my memories of the prior night to what I might have said or agreed to, and came up with nothing, so […]

STWG: Vise Visits grokk in the US (pt 1)

  So Vise recently flew down to visit us in the US to see the sights and drink the beers.   Today, I tell you the tale of his visit.   It all started on the 30th of September, when my girlfriend Paula and her roommate picked him up from the airport. After I got […]

STWG: Elder Scrolls Oblivion

  Those of you who are fans of the Elder Scrolls series and of the story of Oblivion will enjoy the treat about to be bestowed on your ear holes.   In the land of ClassicFantasyRPGLand, otherwise known as “This Land”, lives an assortment of different classic races such as wood elves, dark elves, cat […]

STWG: The Age of Conan

  If you’ve never gone back and watched the original Conan the Barbarian movies with Arnold, you definitely should…purely for their ridiculousness and over the top characters….including Arnold as Conan. If ever there was a set of movies that Mystery Science Theater would need to mock, these movies would be a solid choice.   BUT […]


  Hello and welcome to a new series of STWG posts that will attempt to explain, in the standard comical practice, the other MMO’s stories we’ve seen come out within the last few years that our brains were hooked up to the WoW-drug machine.   Today I will be explaining, in probably the shortest STWG […]

STWG: Dark Highjack – Jaina Proudmoore, True Villain

  I didn’t write this, but it makes sooo much sense. (Originally posted on mmo-champion by lleet)   “Did you know? Jaina Proudmoore allowed her father to die so that the Horde could continue to grow in strength. Is she then a double-agent for the Horde?   The answer is no. Jaina Proudmoore is in […]

STWG: Conspiracy Theories

  So I was reading a WoW insider article regarding the next expansions coming out, and the author made a few very good points and arguments about what could be next. So I’ve decided to share my theory, one which I developed while leveling with Shammypants back in December.   If you’ll travel back with […]

STWG: Panzer (part 1)

  O nce upon a time, in the far away magical princess fairyland of Silvermoon, there lived an elf named Panzer. Panzer was a brilliant general, loved by all his men and women under his command. Responsible for the hairbrush and mirror petition in the first war, and the great debate of silky smooth vs. […]