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SWTOR : Ops Leader Wanted

Good Morning Zergs! Our Ops attendance has been rocky the last few weeks. I’m going to attribute this to the roller coaster scheduling caused by my off days. To remedy this we are going to need a committed Operations leader to take the reigns of Zergadin Ops on Vaiken Spacedock. I would like to see […]

SWTOR- Weekly Blog Schedule

I’ve set up a scheduled of weekly blog topics on the Force Junkies site. Monday : Credits & Crew Skills Tuesday: Professional Tanks Wednesday : Front Line Medic Thursday : Advanced Arms Friday : Warzone Combat Log Saturday : Guild Guidance Sunday : Point of View If anyone would like to write up a blog […]

SWTOR – Patch 2.0 HM Flashpoint Guides

Hit up Force Junkies for the blow-by-blow of Hard Mode Flash Points in version 2 point 0. If you’ve yet to check out the changes in 2.0, all you have to do is copy your characters to it. Log into your SWTOR account and manange it at, then just click PTS Copy! Mandolorian Raiders […]

SWTOR – The Gree World Event… In a nutshell

Why we are on Illum? The Gree want us to beat the snot out of Aliens and each other for Research. What do we get out of it? The snot beat out of us. Really? That’s it? If you know how to work the system, you can get some goodies out of it. Here’s the […]

SWTOR – TFB HM Progression Zerged

Last night’s ending to our Terror from Beyond Hard Mode progression was filled with more lyrics than wipes.  A quick 2 hour learning curve was all we needed to smooth out our strategy for the final encounter.  Compared to our EC HM Progression this Ops was like a night of drunken Karaoke.  Well that’s every […]

Silverstrike’s guide to Weekly Operations : The Triple Coms Run

Well fellow Zergadins, our exploits are out there for all the interwebs to see.  Even though our site gets it’s share of traffic I believe that more exposure like this is always a good thing.  Check out the article at ForceJunkies for the full breakdown.  Even though you already know how to make this type […]

Cartel Market Statistics, straight from Bioware.

There was a grubby little post on the SWTOR official forums that drummed up a tasty chunk of info from Bioware. Apparently the Cartel Market, according to Bioware, is giving the Dev team resources to create more content. According to Damion Schubert, part of SWTOR’s Dev Team, “The success of the Cartel Market means that […]

SWTOR – Silverstrike’s Hybrid Sorc Build

Greetings fellow Force users!  It’s an exciting time to keep, or begin, adventuring in Star Wars the Old Republic.  One of the most represented classes in the game, Sorcerer/Sage, has the potential for an exciting Hybrid build.  You got it, the long forgotten cherry picked talent build is alive and well in the Old Republic.  […]

SWTOR – The Lantern’s Arch Nemesis has Fallen

It was virtually 6 months to the day from the Zergadin’s Story Mode Kephess kill.  Six month of logistical issues before we downed Kephess on Hard Mode.  If you go back and look at the kill shots of EC HM, you can see the progression was steady, but something sinister was fighting against us from […]

SWTOR – Silverstrike’s Healing 101 Guide

I’ve published another 101 guide at FORCE Junkies this morning.  It’s a primer for beginning healers.  The content focuses on the mindset of Triage Healing and Damage Mitigation. You’ll be surprised to find a lot of Guild Names and Shout-outs in the article.  Enjoy the post, and Guild Easter Eggs.