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SWTOR – The Gree World Event… In a nutshell

Why we are on Illum? The Gree want us to beat the snot out of Aliens and each other for Research. What do we get out of it? The snot beat out of us. Really? That’s it? If you know how to work the system, you can get some goodies out of it. Here’s the […]

SWTOR – Patch 1.7 : Mount Up!

Technical stuff out of the way.  Hit this to see official patch notes. Now here’s the kicker for us on a PvP server. The northern ‘PvE’ area can host Operation size groups. That means players trying to complete objectives in the northern bowl could, and will, run into Opposite faction 8 man + sized groups. […]

SWTOR – TFB HM Progression Zerged

Last night’s ending to our Terror from Beyond Hard Mode progression was filled with more lyrics than wipes.  A quick 2 hour learning curve was all we needed to smooth out our strategy for the final encounter.  Compared to our EC HM Progression this Ops was like a night of drunken Karaoke.  Well that’s every […]

Community : Zergadins Year End Review and Forecast 2012

I’m two months behind on my “State of the Guild” year end recap. You can find my last one here, to realize how far we have come as a community. In June 2012 we were at a cross roads of our community. Since then we have been reworked and rebuilt ourselves into true Zergadins. We […]

Silverstrike’s guide to Weekly Operations : The Triple Coms Run

Well fellow Zergadins, our exploits are out there for all the interwebs to see.  Even though our site gets it’s share of traffic I believe that more exposure like this is always a good thing.  Check out the article at ForceJunkies for the full breakdown.  Even though you already know how to make this type […]

SWTOR – Silverstrike’s Dealing Damage 101

Each shameless plug gets easier and easier!  Check out the link to Force Junkies if you’d like a break down of how to DPS in SWTOR.  This is a re-write of the original Zergadin 101 article I posted a few months back. I kept the team names in the new article.  Check out the nods […]

Vengance/Vigilance DPS Compendium

Vengeance / Vigilance DPS Compendium Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.2 “Legacy” Note: Work in Progress Greetings and Welcome to my first Guide of the ‘Compendium’ type ever.  I am a frequent blogger and class guide creator in shorter, cheeker, form.  Those guides and blogs can be found at I’m not a Theorycrafter.  I […]