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SWTOR – Gree Event and Spring Progression

The  Gree boss Operation is scheduled for this Sunday at 7:30 server.  Attendance will determine if I schedule another for next Sunday.  If the attendance is spotty, I’ll just put together Ops on the fly for it next week. The Spring Progression is slated to start in early April.  We will focus on Nightmare Mode […]

SWTOR – Patch 1.7 : Mount Up!

Technical stuff out of the way.  Hit this to see official patch notes. Now here’s the kicker for us on a PvP server. The northern ‘PvE’ area can host Operation size groups. That means players trying to complete objectives in the northern bowl could, and will, run into Opposite faction 8 man + sized groups. […]

SWTOR – TFB HM Progression Zerged

Last night’s ending to our Terror from Beyond Hard Mode progression was filled with more lyrics than wipes.  A quick 2 hour learning curve was all we needed to smooth out our strategy for the final encounter.  Compared to our EC HM Progression this Ops was like a night of drunken Karaoke.  Well that’s every […]

Community : Zergadins Year End Review and Forecast 2012

I’m two months behind on my “State of the Guild” year end recap. You can find my last one here, to realize how far we have come as a community. In June 2012 we were at a cross roads of our community. Since then we have been reworked and rebuilt ourselves into true Zergadins. We […]

Silverstrike’s guide to Weekly Operations : The Triple Coms Run

Well fellow Zergadins, our exploits are out there for all the interwebs to see.  Even though our site gets it’s share of traffic I believe that more exposure like this is always a good thing.  Check out the article at ForceJunkies for the full breakdown.  Even though you already know how to make this type […]

SWTOR – TFB Hard Mode : Writhing Horror Down

The first boss in Terror from Beyond HM is on the books. Thanks to the team of Zergadins that formed or progression group.  A first for us on the Space Dock, we had 9 viable Operations members ready to go for tonight’s run.  I’ll be honest and say, I was put on the spot.  Making […]

SWTOR – 16 Man Ops : Because we get paid by the hour!

Dual Post! Panzer & Zyley. The return to Operations in 2013 started off with a bang this Monday night.  Even though we were missing some of our regular members, Lazy bastards! I can’t believe they didn’t show. Now who will roll out my red carpet?! We grabbed three fool hardy spacers from the fleet and […]

SWTOR : Patch 1.6.2 Now Live – aka Section X Weekly Fixed!

The new patch is live.  It’s a good’un.  Here are the official patch notes. This patch has fixed many of the stupid bug/problems that have cropped up lately.  As with the last few patches, there are more Cartel Items for real money purchases.  My recommendation, lock up your wallets.  Run some more daily missions for […]

SWTOR – The Lantern’s Arch Nemesis has Fallen

It was virtually 6 months to the day from the Zergadin’s Story Mode Kephess kill.  Six month of logistical issues before we downed Kephess on Hard Mode.  If you go back and look at the kill shots of EC HM, you can see the progression was steady, but something sinister was fighting against us from […]

SWTOR – The No Pants Guild /Cheers!

I just hit level 9 on Drooga’s Barge, when i decided to hit up Daragon Trail to see if I could get an FP in. I got lucky! The No Pants Guild was running an Ops and I got the pleasure of joining. They had lofty goals of SM Denova, which they will no doubt […]