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WoW – Battlefield Barrens Ending soon!

Crithto made a post on the forums concerning exactly what’s happening; Every item other than the pet, the Brawler’s Guild item, and the 24-slot bag are being removed; this includes the removal of the ability to earn the title and the Darkspear Rebellion Quartermaster. We know a lot of you would like to have the […]

Yearbook – Digital Version of the 2013 Online!

I’ll admit, I was a little shocked that I had very few people contact me regarding this years book. Usually we can make the minimums to go to print (15). But it just wasn’t in the cards this year. I think Blarghe said it best to me a month or so ago when he told […]

Minecraft – Calindril Hosting a new server!

After a short series of spam emails to our community from me; Calindril, long time WoW player, has offered a new server for our group to play around on. Being a private server I wasn’t going to spam the IP address here, unless of course Calindril was okay with it, so if you would like […]

WoW – Warcraft Movie to Start Filming in January 2014

After years of what seems like a lost cause of a production, it seems that the World of Warcraft movie is finally set to become a reality as Legendary Pictures has apparently scheduled filming to begin on January 13, 2014 in Vancouver…. That’s right bitches, just across the water from me! Production Weekly has stated […]

Community – Wildstar

Seems like every year there is a new MMO flavor that a handful of our community members want to taste. I was recently contacted by Sarya, one of our old WoW players, asking if the group was interested in checking out this latest “WoWkiller”, Wildstar. Currently it’s in it’s beta test stage; it boasts innovative […]

WoW – Sure Sounds Like Blizzard Wants To Take WoW F2P

Found this article at: Rock, Paper, Shotgun! Only a couple short years ago, most pasty, naked, Earth-dwelling flesh creatures (aka, humans) figured World of Warcraft would forever remain the final bastion of subscription MMOs’ heyday. Now, however, it’s screaming “mayday” as subscriber numbers plummet, proving that no institution is immortal and I should never be […]

Blarghing – Damn cat!

Cat shenanigans! Neighbor cat even, his name is Jack and is very friendly, but we have enough dependents. WARNING: LOUD AUDIO – sorry, camera was by speakers, so turn your volume down a bit. BAH, wordpress don’t embed video? Watch the hunky man below in the two links. It’s worth it, won’t somebody think of […]

Blarghing – Omm nom

My 6 year old son’s leftover lunch was staring at me tonight, after our workout. I decided to augment. Half a cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwich, to which I added a few turkey breast slices (~5oz), and layers of lays potato chips. Mmmm – dat crunch. “What tastes great apart, tastes great together” – […]