WoW – I miss Vanilla Alterac Valley

When I talk about Vanilla Alterac Valley, I mean AV as it was back then before all the cuts and changed made to it. I have never been huge on PvP, but i have never been afraid of checking it out here and there. During Cataclysm I spent may many hours trying to farm all the achievements and had alot of fun doing it. The other night I decided to give it another shot… and I ended up in an alterac Valley.

It’s not even a shadow of what it use to be – at this point I don’t even understand why it even exists.

I knew about the changes, don’t get my wrong I haven’t been out of the loop that long… but I could clearly see that this was a joke.

The current player base is impatient, but during Vanilla AV matches took a lot longer than they do today. I remember participating in a number of 12+ hour long AV matches, and yes I stayed in these matches till the end and only took small breaks for food and bathroom. These matches were made epic due to the fact that Battlegrounds in those days were your server only, rather than Battle Groups. Everyone knew everyone, and this made PvP fiercer as players targeted each other and competition was more than just the faceless tournament it is today. This is why I miss Vanilla style AV, and why it is one of my fondest memories of WoW. Your reputation on your server really meant something, and I guess that was due to the fact that high end gear wasn’t just handed out; the good players stood out.

I have lots of great memories of adventures that have spanned from when World of Warcraft first launched through to the present day. The game has evolved quite a bit over the years, and I’m especially thankful for the many quality of life upgrades that were made along the way. But there are some things that just don’t make sense and I feel that AV is one of them!

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