Join me… Together we can rule the Galaxy!

Some of the SWTOR Zergadins might not know what has recently been decided about the GM position.  Officially Grokk has asked me to take over the reigns for him.  School, Work, and Play have been consuming more time from his day than in previous months.  Filling the GM role of an MMO Guild is always time consuming and requires a lot of effort to give it’s members the leadership they deserve.

Many thanks goes to Dr. Grokk Smash for giving us a great head start in a galaxy far far away!

Now for some News!

With a generous donation of 750,000 credits from Walter O. Dim we have opened up the second Guild Vault tab.  Currently Tab 1 is for crafting and Tab 2 is for Gear.  For now, the 1st tab will only be for End Game crafting mats.  As soon as we unlock more vaults I’ll add leveling mats to the g bank.  If you’re not sure if the guild could use an item just drop it in and I’ll funnel it into my speeder fund if its not immediately useful.  I’m looking to add a third and fourth tab in the next three weeks so donation will be appreciated!  Just drop credits in the Guild Bank and your donation will be logged.

We can use more than just credits as well.   We are in need of end game raiding Stims.  I’m not sure who currently has a lvl 400 Biochemist, but let me know if you do.  The guild will pay for your time and mats to produce the items we need for Operations.  The same goes for lvl 400 Diplomacy.  I’ve left high end Diplomacy missions in the 1st vault for our members to use.  Please just drop the mats back into the 1st tab to help produce stims.

Every member has a 10,000 credit draw from the Guild Bank that will pay up to that in re-specs.  Unfortunately to provide the credits to make stims I have removed the option for the guild to pay for repairs.

Late night on Friday Walter, Valent (The Aussie), and I pugged a HM Karraga’s Palace.  We all filled DPS roles.  I’m happy to say it was a One Punch knock out on each boss.  Kudos to Valent for working the Puzzle boss with never seeing the fight before.  Xir’rah (spelling should be correct, whom I think is another player from the southern hemisphere) lead the raid.  If you ever see him around or looking for a group, don’t hesitate to accept!  Speaking of the puzzle boss, seeing it one more time locked in how to work it.  I’m confident we can rock HM KP with no technical difficulties.

Below is what I have for my Ops Gear list.  Please email or reply below what your gear level is.  This list will help me determine the best Ops for us to run.

If your wondering how to gear after patch 1.2, let me point you to this player has a lock down on SWTOR.  Reference her site often.

This leads me to an Ops schedule.  I’m looking to schedule two nights.  Mondays and Wednesdays.  8pm server time.  Please reply with your availability below.



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