Transmog of the Week – Fapping Fappers

If you haven’t met Menphis, then my friend you are missing out!

Her Tmog choice pretty much sums up this Fappers outlook on WoW.

She has chosen a Rogue Bloodfang Recolour for her Boomkin druid.  What the Fapping Fap is that all about?

If you want this set, you’ll have to brave the Outland dungeons past the set Link.  It ‘s possible for any class to solo these dungeons for great Tmog sets.  What I find the most intrugueing about Menphis’ choice of garb are the glowing red eyes.  What do the really mean?  Does it mean she isnt’ getting enough sleep?  Mabey it means she has a link to some God-like space chicken superpower?  No one knows but the Fapper herself.

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