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WOW: The Pandarens that dominated Azeroth

For those who are wondering, “Who are the Pandaren?”, then I am here to help you! I took some time out to figure out what the hell these damn panadas are doing in my game and I came up with a few explanations for us “normal” folks! I found this snippet from Lets start […]

SWTOR: What color is your lightsaber?

“The color of your weapon only say’s something about the person using it. Someone might have a favorite color or uses a color that represents their light or dark side. It makes the story and character personal to the individual and makes for a good player experience. Or it may just be the color of […]

Zergadins Minecraft Server LIVE! … wait what? It’s not?

Latest news from our Overlord of the minecraft server: March 23/2012 – Server Status: As you all know, I recently bought a house. It was/is a money and time leaching experience. I’m sure you have all noticed I have been a less than apparent part of the community as of late, almost as if the […]

Seven-foot Star Wars figure is awesome, expensive

Remember all those Star Wars action figures you collected as a kid? This is what they grew up into. Meet Darth Malgus, Sith Lord, lightsaber master, and all around bad egg. He stands a towering seven feet, four inches tall, weighs almost 160 pounds … and can be yours for just six grand. Although he […]